And, My Favorite Types of Rabbits

If we take a look at some books about rabbits (and hare), there are so many types of rabbits or breeds that we know to date. In general, we can say there are two big categories of rabbits: free rabbits and domestic rabbits, in which the pet rabbits are belong to.

Two pictures below show you the contract between both. A free rabbit was freely eating grasses and flowers in the savanna, while my rabbit Pucca, a domestic rabbit was exploring the front yard.

free rabbitdomestic rabbit
free rabbitdomestic rabbit

There are many different types of domestic rabbits based on their size or weight…

dwarf-rabbit_lionheadDwarf rabbits are 0.9 – 1.5 Kg (2 – 3.3 lbs) such as:
Lionhead, Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Polish, Polish Dwarf, Dwarf Hotot, Jersey Wooly, etc.
small-rabbit_dwarf-lopSmall rabbits are 1.5 – 2.5 Kg (3.3 – 5.5 lbs) such as:
Dutch, American Fuzzy Lop, Mini Lop, Dwarf Lop, Himalayan, Mini Rex, etc.
medium-rabbit_rexMedium rabbits are 2.5 – 4 Kg (5.5 – 8.8 lbs) such as:
Chinchilla, English Angora, French Angora, Rex, Belgian Hare, etc.
large-rabbit_new-zealand-whiteLarge rabbits are 4 - 5 Kg (8.8 – 11 lbs) such as:
English Lop, Satin, Californian, New Zealand White, etc.
giant-rabbit_french-lopHuge/giant rabbits are 5 – 8 Kg (5 – 17.6 lbs) or more:
French Lop, Flemish Giant, British Giant, Checkered Giant, etc.

Beside dwarf, S-M-L and giant size of rabbits, also known some types of mini rabbits. They are called mini because they are similar to original types except the size that smaller or much smaller. For example Mini Rex is Rex rabbit that smaller in size, and Mini Lop is miniature of typical Lop rabbit.

Some breeds have very unique sign so we will recognize them at a glance. The Angora is appealing of its long and wooly hair like Angora cat. The opposite is the Rex rabbit who has very short hair with unique soft velvet-like fur. And you will know it’s a Lop when you see the rabbit with distinctive floppy ears. The Dutch rabbit has unique color pattern like panda bear.

Wow.. so many types of rabbits! Which one is your favorite as pet rabbit? Share with us yours…

What is Your Favorite Type of Rabbit?

Do you have a pet rabbit? Share with us what is your favorite type/breed.

Other Visitors’ Favorite Rabbits

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English Spot 
Prince is a altered male bunny, 6 mo old. He is litter box trained. He has one bad habit, he loves to chew. He will chew on everything and anything. …

Mini Rex 
We think that is what they are, we got them both and had to do research to find out what breed they were.. but anyway, they are both very affectionate …

Lion Head 
I had my rabbit, she was so cute and cuddly but after two years she got fly strike. This is VERY common with rabbits but pet shops don't tell you about …

New Zealand Whites 
I love their furryness.

Our family has a male Polish named Chris. He is very sweet and always wants to be held. He hates getting his picture taken. The day I bought my new camera, …

Mini Rex 
We have a Mini Rex named Alexandra. Her coloring is caster. She's really fat for a Mini Rex. Her dewlap is SO big. We have another Mini Rex named Pooper, …

Netherland Dwarf 
We have a Netherland dwarf rabbit named Scooter, his middle name is Hermes. He is white with a black button nose, ears, feet, and pom pom tail. He has …

Dwarf Lop Ears 
Don't have one yet. Where can I get me one?

Mini Lop 
I have a mini lop bunny, he is white and has grey areas on him. He likes to chew on clothes, when he was a baby he didn't do that, his name is Sherman. …

Not Sure? Help. 
She's a brown rabbit with black stripes. What type of rabbit is she? Oh, and her ears is pointed down.

Old English Buck 
Ginger spots with a ginger stripe down his back.

Medium Black 
Our rabbit (Ruby) doesn't like cold floors, sudden movements, getting picked up, but loves getting rained on. But what's weird is she pulls her fur out? …

Winston The Class Bunny Not rated yet
I am a student in fifth grade in Pacifica, California. We have a class pet bunny Named WINSTON! He is an otter bunny, that looks like a Netherland Dwarf. …

New Zealand/Californian Not rated yet
By far my favorite rabbit I've owned was my NZ/Californian "meat" rabbit. It had been over 10 since my last rabbit (a Magpie) was killed by the neighbors …

Silver fox Not rated yet
We got her when she was a baby. She was completely black and as she matured she started growing little white hairs in with her black. Now with the white …

Orejas and luna Not rated yet
Orejas is a male holland Lop bunny i got him on my birthday and he is so adorable.He is 8 months old and has the biggest ears! Luna is my female lionhead …

Mini Lop Not rated yet
They have an endearing personality, a sturdy body, and adorable floppy ears. They are a good size too, small enough to be picked up easily but big enough …

Florida White Not rated yet
This is a awesome sauce rabbit!!!! Once he/she gets to know you they really love it when you cuddle, and most of all love on them!!!!

Flemish Giant and Lion Head Not rated yet
I adopted a Flemish giant, she was about 3 months old. I put her with my 3 years old lion head who a month prior to this adoption, lost her companion (who …

Flemish Giant Not rated yet
We have been raising rabbits for 6 years, I love them they understand people's emotions. They can be silly and sweet. I had a rabbit named Jet, he …

My Peter Cottontail  Not rated yet
My rabbit is very special to me. She runs around when I come by her cage. She is special because she is very friendly and nice. My rabbit is a lop eared …

Rex Not rated yet
Energy abundant! Doesn't liked to be picked up, except occasionally by me only. Will come when i call her name. Sometimes mounts my hand and nips. Gets …

Holland Lop Rabbit Not rated yet
I asked my mom if she brought any treats. It was my ninth birthday and I was at my school. My mom brought treats. She brought a cupcake for me and a box, …

Netherland Dwarf Not rated yet
Funny, quick ,likes to play with cats knows where his cage is.

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Chinese Rabbit? Not rated yet
I recently bought a rabbit in a chinese market and since there was poor communication I have no idea what type of rabbit he is, how old he is and how big …

Mini Rex, Dwarf, Holland Lop, Satin, Polish Not rated yet
I love love love mini rexes. About 6 years ago i had a gorgeous red brown mini rex, i got it for my nephew cause he wanted a pet and at that time i was …

Rex Not rated yet
Beautiful gray body with white and a little brown belly and white around her eyes. Awesome baby girl, I love her so much. She was very smart and sweet. …

Lop Not rated yet
Small, white with black spots long floppy ears and told to weight approximately five pounds. Very calm and sweet. Pushes with nose alot.

English Spot Not rated yet
My rabbit has a stripe down her back and when she gets older she will have spots. Unfortunately, my rabbit died last night and I am describing my sisters. …

Black Otter Rex Rabbit Not rated yet
She's very outgoing! She loves, loves, loves attention. Her name is Ali (AliCat)! Her favorite veggie is kale. She's also very funny! She loves to chase …

Checkered Giant Not rated yet
My checkered rabbit is a boy, his name is coco and he likes to chew on twigs and he is 8 years old and he is very friendly and i just got him on Sunday …

Mini Rex Not rated yet
I have mini rex. He is a buck, loves to chew.

Remi Not rated yet
I have a pet Netherlands dwarf rabbit named Remi and he loves water and people.

Dutch  Not rated yet
My bun is the sweetest EVER! He is 8 mo. old, and loves to play, jump, and lick my face! Love him!

Lionhead Not rated yet
I love this breed of rabbit because they have so much personality and love to interact with kids or adults. My lionhead named Chewy is a perfect example …

Angora Not rated yet
Rowdy is the cutest bun! Very happy and playful. He has captured all our hearts!

Mini lop Not rated yet
My rabbit is a male mini lop who is only about 40 days old. He is harlequin orange and loves to eat and drink all day long. He loves to be held and his …

Lion Head Rabbit Not rated yet
My rabbit is a sandy color but the stomach is white gray and the tail is the same way. It's really furry hairy but i love it. I put it in the fair …

Lion Head Not rated yet
Fuzzy, i dont have it yet....

Californian/New Zealand Mix Not rated yet
When I first got my rabbit, Nugget, he had brown ears and a brown nose. It was a light brown and then later on, about a month later, it started getting …

Mini Lop Not rated yet
My rabbit is cool!

Dwarf Not rated yet
I have two babies, one is black and white, and another is black with a white spot on the nose and neck. They're such a joy. It was my sister's idea to …

Dwarf Not rated yet
Nice and white I had it in Christmas and I loved it called it "Sweetart", since I was on a age of 7 or 8, I love her. She is very playful with everybody …

Netherland Dwarf Not rated yet
I have a dwarf rabbit her name is Pepsi, she is white and grey and has big brown eyes!

Lionhead Not rated yet
My lionhead rabbit is called Buster. He is completely brown with a fuzzy lil head :) I got him to give company to my 1st rabbit Bugsie. They soon became …

Chinchilla Not rated yet

Mini Rex Not rated yet
My rabbit is a mini rex. His name is Baby Boy. He is a male and he likes my "bunny Sunday" I always make for him each Sunday. One time I allowed him …

White Rabbits is My Favourite. Not rated yet
I have five rabbits, in which three are "blackinwhite", one full "white" and one is "browninwhite".

Dwarf lop Cross Mini lop Not rated yet
My rabbit is a dwarf lop cross mini lop, which makes her quite small. She is white with some black marks on her and has got light grey ears. She is really …

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Lionhead Dwarf Not rated yet
My dwarf bunny and my lionhead bunny somehow got into the same cage, must have been through a hole separating the two cages and they had 6 lionhead dwarfs. …

Rex Not rated yet
I have 1 sooooooooooooo cute.

English Rabbit Not rated yet
There cute, black and white and soooooo fluffy!!!! :D

Seal Point Not rated yet
He's white with gray with ruby red eyes.

Angora Not rated yet
My rabbit is called Marnie and is 10 weeks old. She loves to play and is friendly.

My Bunny Chocolate Not rated yet
Chocolate is my 12 wk old mini dwarf lop. He is a male and is very affectionate. He lives in his hutch with my two guinea pigs. He is litter trained and …

Karen Rabbit Not rated yet
She's a faggot.

Holland Lop Not rated yet
Raphael is the most handsome, sweetest guy I know. He loves people, other animals, and especially frolicking in the backyard garden. His favorite treats …

Jackrabbit Not rated yet
It has long ears and can "talk".

She is a White Dwarf Rabbit  Not rated yet
She is white with brown and black spots and is a little dwarf like maybe 2-3 pounds, and she has brown eyes. I got her for my friend next door neighbour …

My Thumper Not rated yet
He is white with dark brownish gold spots, one ear is completely dark brown and his eyes are dark brown!

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