Flemish Giant

by Emily

We have been raising rabbits for 6 years, I love them they understand people's emotions. They can be silly and sweet.

I had a rabbit named Jet, he would hope around gleefully, he would wag his tail while he dug, he was a mini rex though. We have had new Zealand's, Californians, dutch, hotot, harlequin and more.

Now we have Flemish giants, I think they are the most faithful breed. I had a rabbit not to long ago, his name was Dusk. He was soft, sweet and cuddly. He was a purebred Flemish giant, he was grey and cute.

Well he got hurt bad really bad, he got stuck then tried struggling to get out but he popped his hip. I went to help, seeing he was in trouble but made it worse.

On the day I knew he was dying I held him and wept, I tried not to hurt him while setting him back in his cage, but more than anything he wanted me. He crawled out of his cage and into my lap and gave me a look telling me it was all right. I looked down and smiled a sad forced smile at him. I kissed him telling him i'll miss him and that I loved him. I said goodbye.

And while writing this my eyes tear over and a sniffle a cry. Dusk was something to me, he was important.

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