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Happy St. Patrick's Day! 
My little Flopsey loves to have her picture taken. I took this photo to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I believe her birthday is around this time as well. …

Birthday Girl  
This picture is when we celebrated Snowball birthday and she has her party hat on.

Clover in His New Harness 
I don't know if he is a dwarf or a mini lop ear, but all I know is that he is a year old, fully grown, and suppose to be a butterfly nose marked English …

This is my little baby rabbit Thumper. He is a cute 5 nearly 6 month old British Giant. My dad said he won't grow that much bigger because his mum is only …

Just thought this was cute of her sitting on her hut.

How do I look in this Designer Outfit? 
My Pet Rabbit "Moo-Moo" likes to dress up. When in her new clothes, she jumps around like she is a star! Isn't she cute???

Happy Easter from Mr Nibbles 

Grey Floppy Love 
Letting my bunny run around, she discovered my hello kitty bag - OH NO BUNNY DONT EAT THAT!!!

Freddy Licking 
Freddy licking his water bottle (a very common sight at our house!)

Lillo is 1 week old. He is soooo cute... I love him. I took his picture this morning 4-26-11.

Hey Mommy ! 
Every night Stewy lays with me of about an hour, and sleeps next to me. When I get up he looks around and grunts for me to come back. This picture …

George Hollins Sutton 
George is a part of our family, we love him very much. He likes to play in the back yard, sometimes he likes to sneak into our neighbors yard. He likes …

This is a picture of my bunny, Gilbert. He is a beautiful dwarf with amazing blue eyes. I took this picture on the first day I got him to document how …

Zoey and Phoebe 
They are cuddling.

I got Floppys about a month ago and I love him to peaces..he loves to play and run around, he loves footballs plays all day long with it..likes his runner …

What Kind of Bunny Am I ? 
I just got this bunny and don't know its type. Any idea? Please let me know.

I just bought her this wkend @ the petstore but 4got 2 ask what type she is & how big she will grow, any ideas?

Gizmo Taking a Nap... 
After a long day of eating hay and running around my ankles, he decided to head back to his hutch and flop down next to Buddha..

My Bunny 
"Helloo, i am waiting for my master to open me, cos i got to play outside"

Seara (Sea Rabbit) at Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York (August 29, 2010) 
Seara (sea rabbit) admires Wonder Wheel at Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York. August 29, 2010. Photograph by Takeshi …

Meatball the Holland Lop Not rated yet
First time walking outside with his harness!

Bunny Lips Not rated yet
Hi! My name is Halloween!

Laser the Bunny Not rated yet
I bought Laser off craigslist and it's been love at first sight, i am forever a bunny lover now.

Funny Bunny Not rated yet
My Rabbit's name is Yayir pronounced ( YA-YEAR). I never thought about having a Bunny, but I was at the Flea Market one day and my daughter wanted to go …

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Bugsy Not rated yet
This is our rabbit before she died

The Rabbit Bloom Not rated yet
i had a rabbit name bloom. she ran and ran. she was so cute.

Sugar and Spice Not rated yet
I had purchased Sugar (the big white lop) from a retail store when a couple of years later while I was living in an apartment, Spice, who had been abandoned, …

Nap time Not rated yet
I have had Dudley since he was 6 weeks old. He loves to cuddle up and take naps on my lap after he has given me lots of kisses.

Snack Time  Not rated yet
Dudley loves grapes and I happened to snap this shot at the right time!

Dudley Not rated yet
I built this wooden "castle" for my dwarf - he loves it and pops his head up once he reaches the top.

Mr. Snuggles Guarding Our Front Door!  Not rated yet
Mr. Snuggles LOVES hopping around the house and resting in front of the front door! He is definitely king of our castle!

Bunky Chillin  Not rated yet
Hi...this is my bunny Bunky. I rescued him from a meat farm last summer. He was only ten dollar and to be sold live for anybody to take home and slaughter...i …

Jelly Bean the Lion Head Not rated yet
My cousin is moving and couldn't bring her with. He wanted to find a good home for her, but most people didn't like her because of her mane. They didn't …

My Adorable Little Bunny :3 Not rated yet
She is so cute. When I was searching for a rabbit at the pet store she was hidden, sleeping among the lion heads. I am glad I chose her!

Barry John Not rated yet
I took this photo the first time he was in that hutch and all he wanted was attention and that's when he learnt how to play fetch with his favourite balls. …

Shy bunny! Not rated yet
This is my cute rabbit 'Flopsy' who is acting really shy. She's normally a bouncy, fun rabbit, but my friends were around (she's not used to people) so …

Tortoise <3 Not rated yet
My bunny had babies! This was my favorite baby from her first litter. This was his first time away from his mom (we wanted to socialize the babies) but …

Surprise!! Not rated yet
I didn't know my bunny Bella was pregnant until I went to clean her cage and saw her baby. This is what the baby looks like today (March 1st, 2012). Her …

My Name is Bunny  Not rated yet
hello; once I just searched for few rabbits videos, then I fall in love with rabbits. so far i have downloaded 2300 rabbit videos & I keep them in …

The Rabbitry Not rated yet
Rabbits are good pets. Rabbits live up to 2-5 months if it's a dwarf! A new zealand is a 6110 rabbit. In larger breeds are bigger! I have two rabbits …

I'm Beautiful Not rated yet
Corky is a lionangora (1/2 lion head 1/2 french angora), she thinks she is something special compared to the rest of my rabbits cuz of her long main and …

You Can Run But You Can't Hide :-) Not rated yet
Lettuce wants nothing to do with me now, it was a long day.

2 yr Old Blaze!! <3 Not rated yet
Blaze is a loving and sweet 2 yr old mini rex.

BIG Bunnie Not rated yet
Well, Flopsy as you see has fully grown up !! Thank God she won't get any bigger or otherwise my little bunny won't take it no longer :)

Vanilla the Baby Bunny Not rated yet
I bought her yesterday at a pet shop. She loves to explore and look around but is still a little bit scared as it is her new home and she is away from …

Chocolate the Bunny Not rated yet
This is my 12wk old mini dwarf lop Chocolate. He is a male and just loves to explore, go for walks and jump up on the couch with me. I love him sooo …

Are You My Mommy Now ?  Not rated yet
My daughter Tracy just got her rabbit today. And they where just getting to know each other when this was took, looks like it was love from the start !! …

Little White Not rated yet
Ouh mannnn.. where is this place?! I'M TRAPPED !!

My Rabbit Hattie Not rated yet
Hattie is my rabbit.

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Don't Want a Photo! Not rated yet
Ok, my rabbit Cutey does not like getting photos of her! But this one of the only photos I could get of her. On her birthday!

Bunny Bath Time Not rated yet
Time for a bath!

My Rabbit Not rated yet
My name is Trek, that's the name my master gave to me. He loves me very much, he always carry me like a king n that's how i like it.

Seara (sea rabbit) Getting Attentions from Children at Coney Island Beach (August 29, 2010) Not rated yet
Seara (sea rabbit) and Takeshi Yamada were surrounded by children, who loved petting her all over with their wet hands at Coney Island Beach in Coney Island, …

Seara (Sea Rabbit) Munches Fresh Sliced Cucumber (August 21, 2010) Not rated yet
Takeshi Yamada hand-feeds Seara (sea rabbit) her favorite food - fresh sliced cucumber at the Double Lee Buffet (all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet restaurant) …

Seara (Sea Rabbit) Munches Popcorns (September 24, 2010) Not rated yet
Seara (sea rabbit) munches popcorns on a dish at the staff room of the Coney Island Library in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York. Photograph by Takeshi …

Flopsy! Not rated yet
Uhhh, she saw a boot (my boot) she likes it. I think she is 12 weeks old then but now she is about 6 months old!!

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