Angora Rabbit

If you like woolly pets then Angora rabbit is the best. They have long & thick wool, soft & silky fur, and pretty & good looking appearance. Although Angora mainly bred for their wool, with these qualities make them very popular for pets too.

Typically they are calm and docile. However, because the wool prone to hairballs, it needs special handling with care. Grooming is necessary to keep them look clean and lovely.

Angoras originated from Ankara, Turkey. Is it possible from the word “Ankara” evolves becoming “Angora”? Nice guess… :)

Initially Angora bunnies are only in white color, but now brown and grey-blue are also common colors. Some other colors and their combinations are also available.

Two classic types and the most popular are French Angora and English Angora. At glance both of them are similar in appearance and size, however the French one normally has shorter and softer wool. The main difference between two is on the wool at face which is as heavy as grown in its body for English Angora, while French Angora has cleaner face.

Jersey Wooly and Lionhead are two newly breeds that become popular recently. Other breeds in Angora family are Giant Angora, Satin Angora, etc.

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