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Rabbit Training TechniquesRabbit Training Techniques
Simple Tips and Techniques Show You How To Become an Expert At Caring For Your Rabbit and Have The Healthiest, Longest Living, and Happiest Bunny Ever!

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Pick Up, Cuddle, Gaining Rabbit's Trust 
Even though they may get used to being petted and picked up it isn’t a natural thing for them to do. Rabbits are essentially the bottom of the feeding …

Rabbit Cage Floor 
Rabbit cage floor for better use of the wire so that direct feces wasted, so the rabbits kept clean. Tips from Indonesia farm ;)

Rabbit Cages in Australia 
If you live in Australia be sure to get a mosquito-proof cage as there is an incurable disease called myxomatosis that causes a slow painful death for …

Daily Cleaning of Rabbit Cages & Hutches 
Rabbit cages and hutches need to be cleaned regularly. It is a demanding chore, but making it a habit as often as possible will make the task less of an …

One-liners. Tips made quick. 
Before you get your rabbit. • research what foods are best for your rabbit. • get a cage, plenty of hay, pellets, etc. Choosing your rabbit. …

Your Rabbit !!!! 
Well.. when you have a rabbit you always look for a good one. Here's a couple good tips on how to pick the right one for you. Well.. it's simple if …

Should I Breed My Rabbit or Not? 
When wondering if you should breed your rabbits ask yourself these questions: 1) Is your rabbit cages clean? When your breeding rabbits you should use …

Rabbit or Bunny Tips Not rated yet
A female is called a doe. A male is called a buck.

Always Play with Rabbits Not rated yet
- Rabbits need to play a day -

My Tips about Rabbit.. My Mini Rex Not rated yet
I am not inexpert but i did a lot of research on bunnies before getting one about a month, i spent hours researching different types of breeds from small …

Rabbits Ear Not rated yet
If your Rabbit's ear is hanging and its head is turned to the side then your rabbit has ear mites!!! ~What to do~ ~call a vet tell him about it and …

Owning Rabbits  Not rated yet
If you have a male rabbit but you want 2 i suggest you get female and if you don't want to breed you put in different hutches or get the desexed.

My Favorite Tips and Color Not rated yet
I would prefer a black rabbit or dark brown. My favorite type is dwarf lop and minicher lops. I would recommend a minicher lop, they are easy to look after …

My Precious Rabbit Not rated yet
Your should have pink ears (not red), should have NO scratch parts or any bug attached to it, not too fat or skinny. Be careful, after you walk your bun, …

Food Not rated yet
Do not give a rabbit potato or rhubarb.

Exercise and Playtime! Not rated yet
Let your rabbit out to exercise for as long and as often as you can. Rabbits nails are constantly growing so it is good to let your rabbit onto paving …

How to Check Your Rabbits for Ticks Not rated yet
This is mostly for people who own rabbits that live in or near the bush but the occasional tick wanders everywhere... Steps: take your bunny out …

Giving Your Rabbit a Bath Not rated yet
First you will need: - towel - baby soap - clean warm water - rabbit - brush (not essential) Steps: - place bunny gently in bath - wash bunny …

Nails Not rated yet
We should clean rabbit nails once a day.

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