Mini Rex, Dwarf, Holland Lop, Satin, Polish

by Mary

I love love love mini rexes. About 6 years ago i had a gorgeous red brown mini rex, i got it for my nephew cause he wanted a pet and at that time i was living at home and mom does not like animals so i love bunnies and i said that i'll get a bunny for him. So my nephew enjoyed the bunny for one week and he got bored cause he thought it'll be like a dog. But i fell in love with the bunny .. love at first site.

By the way my bunny was a female and her name was fluffy .. She was 2 months when i got her and i babied her so much .. i spoiled her with love attention .. she was out her cage most of the day .. she loved to run around and due bunny hops blinkies .. I had my favourite blue blanket and she took over that so i gave her that blanket to play on. She learned to pee in her litter box quicky so i never had an issue with her peeing in the house or poking all over the house little bit of on her blankie. Fluffy loved to come on couch cuddle up next to me and watch tv .. this would go on until it was bed time.

Fluffy was so friendly cuddly and if i did not pet her she would nudge her little nose at me to let me know she wants attention.. I took fluffy outside everyday but not in the winter and all the children in my neighbourhood loved her. Fluffy loved to be on the grass and chill out and show off her little happy bunny hops.

Fluffy passed away i had her for 2 years. But it was an amazing two years no regrets in getting her. Now i have a 3 year old daughter and we have a budgie and a teddy bear hamster, but i keep thinking about my bunny so i am going to be getting a bunny soon after christmas .. I loooove my mini rex i do want another minirex but now i am eying dwarf, holland lops, satin, hotot or polish .. If i could have them all i would but i don't live in a house .. It's going to be a hard decision but i will having another bunny again. Can't wait .. I miss my fluffy.

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