New Zealand/Californian

by Sydney
(Peru, IL)

By far my favorite rabbit I've owned was my NZ/Californian "meat" rabbit. It had been over 10 since my last rabbit (a Magpie) was killed by the neighbors dog and I just wanted to get another rabbit again.

I bought 2 6-week old NZ crosses (one Agouti, one Himalayan) from the local farm store. Not even a minute after buying mine a lady that had just bought one kept demanding the store take the rabbit back and since I bought 2 of the rabbits siblings I told her I'd take her. Funny how when you are just going to get one and end up with 3.

Sadly 1 week after I got them the agouti (name was Butters) had to be put down due to having severe coccidia that was slowly killing her. Then 9 months later the black one (my favorite named Rascal) died at only 11 months old suddenly without showing any signs of pain or discomfort.

Today I only have the one left of the original 3 (the Himalayan named Belle) and since then I've come to adore that cross breed. My herd went from only 3 NZ/Californian crosses to now 45+ of them. They all have great temperaments, are beyond friendly and just all around good rabbits.

Just for any beginners reading this I'd highly suggest getting your rabbits from a reputable breeder and not farm stores or pet stores to avoid what I had went through losing my rabbits in such hard ways.

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