Types of Pet Rabbits

What are common types of pet rabbits… so many kinds of rabbits, which ones are suitable for pet?

Actually we can keep any kind of rabbits as pet if we want. Some qualities we should looking for from a rabbit to make a good pet for example are they docile and friendly, has funny face or appearance, soft fur and hair, beautiful colors, stereotyped-characters of the rabbit type, etc.

However, the most common types of rabbits kept as pet are the varieties of…

Angora – long and wooly hair:
Lionhead, Jersey Wooly, English Angora, French Angora

Rex – soft velvet-like fur:
Mini Rex, Rex

Lop – distinctive floppy ears:
Holland Lop, American Fuzzy Lop, Mini Lop, Dwarf Lop, English Lop, French Lop

Dutch – unique color pattern:

Polish – popular pet rabbit:
Polish, Polish Dwarf

New Zealand – red eyes rabbit:
New Zealand White

Netherland Dwarf – the smallest rabbit in the world:
Netherland Dwarf

Everyone has own preference. Personally I don’t really bother about the types. As long as it has short-hair (not wooly), not too big, has beautiful color(s) and cute face, then it’s a good pet rabbit for me :)

What about you? What is your preference? Share with us your favorite rabbit here…

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