French Angora Rabbit

We may loosely describe French Angora rabbit as English Angora with “normal” rabbit head :)

Why we may say that? It’s because it has heavy wool surrounding its body like English Angora, but the head, the face and the ears, also front feed has no wool.

If we take a picture from back side with no head captured, it will looks like English Angora. But if we take close up picture focus only on its head then it will looks like ordinary rabbit. Only if we take full rabbit picture in wider angle then we know it’s French Angora… gotcha ;)

This Angora has dominant guard hairs along its body and they grow slightly longer than the wool reside undercoat, makes the fur softer and silkier. It also makes relatively easier to groom compare to other Angora rabbits

It’s slightly heavier than English Angora, about 3.5-4.5 Kg. Other than bred for wool, it also suitable for pets as its personalities are also calm and sweet, has beautiful and unique appearance too.

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