Maintain Rabbit Health,
Keep Them Around

It’s very important to maintain rabbit health. Un-healthy rabbit is just shortening rabbit’s life span. On the other hand, maintaining rabbits to stay healthy is one way to keep them around with us for a long time.

Most of health problems on rabbits are related to cleanliness and sanitation. Maintain cleanness of the rabbits, cages and its environment is crucial step to maintain their health and stay away from illness.

Healthy rabbits will show bright eyes, good appetite, active and playful. While sick rabbits tend to stay in the corner with half-closed eye, pull the ears close to the body, less moving and low appetite. Although rabbits are extremely quite pets, when experience severe pain they sometimes produce a voice like a howl. If we find these signs on our rabbits then we need to cautious for their health.

You may need to diagnose further what is the cause of those signs and behaviors, whether it’s because of disease, extreme weather, stress, or other causes. Then you could take necessary actions such as give medicine, or just vitamins, or need to rescue them to the veterinarian.

For further details you may click on links above, or you may want to seek health care advice from veterinarians or professionals.

Long live rabbits…!!! Long live rabbits…!!! Long live rabbits…!!! :)

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