All about Rabbits

Let's start the day with a discussion of all about rabbits!

Rabbits are cute little mammals found everywhere in the world. Some books mention that rabbit is one of the most popular pets, after dog and cat of course :) Do you agree with that?

I think their popularity elevated because of their beautiful appearance with funny little face; relatively quite, docile and have friendly behavior. They have smooth fur or body hair, tease everyone especially kids to touch and play with them.

Furthermore, keeping rabbit as pet could trigger good mood, influences behavior, teaches responsibility, and many positive things. I had experience myself with my kid for this… read my story here.

But, when actually rabbit began to be domesticated? Hmm.. tough question. Nobody knows for sure when it was, even rabbit experts could not say when it is exactly. History of rabbits as domestic animal started… read more.

Many people think rabbits are rodents.. is this correct? Not too wrong. Rabbit experts also thought so until… read more.

Other than in our houses and backyards, where do rabbits live? One correct answer for sure is they live in cages at the pet shops :) Seriously, where do the rabbit habitats in nature? Like other animals, rabbits can be found at… read more.

Ok, rabbits are good looking pets, nice behavior too. But, when I have fallen in love with them, what about they only have short-lived? It will just unavailing for me. How long do rabbits can live? Well, it depends on… read more.

I only know that rabbits are all white, or combination with black. Is there any color rabbit? Surely there is, many of them in fact. If wild rabbits only have colors of black, white, brown or gray, pet rabbits even have more color varieties.

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