Why do You Want a Pet Rabbit?

Have you ever considering rabbit as a pet? Yes, to have a pet rabbit. It’s a best luck if you have because a bunny rabbit can be a good company to your family. See how pretty their colors and shapes, watch how funny their actions and behaviors, the ones that the kids surely will love and adore.

If you never have a bunny rabbit before and just considering to having one, you may find some useful information in this site… I hope so :)

Throughout the site you will find many kinds of all about rabbits, what types of rabbits (breeds) exist, how to taking care of rabbits, what should and shouldn’t on feeding rabbits, how to maintain rabbit health, choose what suitable rabbit cage in stores or just build yourself, etc.

If you have some rabbits or have had rabbits before, you may still gain some knowledge too. Or, with my pleasure you may share your experiences to the rabbit-lovers community here…

Do you have a story to tell about your rabbits? Or, maybe useful tips to share? Hey… it will be great if you could share some of your rabbit photos too! Or, maybe rabbit videos? Why don’t give your rabbit a chance to be a rabbit “super star”? :)

That’s what I mean with the word “My” in this website. It’s not solely about my rabbit personally, but also “You” as visitors to share your stories about “your rabbits”. So… everybody would have a feeling and proudly says, “This is My Pet Rabbit website”.

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My Pet Rabbit Blog
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All about Rabbits
All about rabbits (scientific name: lagomorph) general information such as rabbits as pets, history of rabbits, rabbit habitat, rabbits life span, rabbit colors, etc…
Various Types of Rabbits
To know rabbits is to love them. Which types of rabbits do you like for pet… dwarf, small, medium, large or giant? Angora, Rex, Lop, Dutch or New Zealand white?
Bunny Rabbit Care Adjusted to Your Lifestyle
Learn bunny rabbit care could benefit both to you and the rabbit. How do you want it done? Keep your rabbit well cared while you still maintain your lifestyle is ideal and not impossible.
Feeding Rabbits for Health
Is it true rabbits like carrot as in cartoon? Is it healthy food for rabbits? What about veggies, grasses, hays and pellets? Learn how to feeding rabbits to stay healthy as your budget and hassle-free
Maintain Rabbit Health, Keep Them Around.
Nothing more precious than health… it’s also very true for Rabbit. Recognize common health problems, illnesses and diseases and find out health care advice to maintain Rabbit Health.
Rabbit Cages & Hutches
Choose rabbit cages and rabbit hutches suitable for your pet rabbit: indoor, outdoor rabbit cage; small, large, giant rabbit hutch or even double decker; made of wooden or plastic, etc.
My Rabbit Story
Collection of real-life stories from ordinary people about pet rabbit, special relationship between human with his/her bunny and other interesting rabbit stories.
Rabbit Photos Gallery
Gallery of rabbit photos from Visitors around the world. Do you have a pet rabbit or have had some rabbits before? Submit pictures of your bunny rabbits here, give your rabbits a chance to be a rabbit
Tips & Information on Rabbits
Tips and information on rabbits from quoted rabbit experts and rabbit lovers. You can submit your Tips too and share it with the community!
Recommended Pet Rabbit Books
Looking for good pet rabbit books? Find recommended books by other visitors. You may also recommend a book to others.
Recommended Pet Rabbit eBook
Looking for a good pet rabbit eBook? Find recommended eBooks by other visitors. You may also recommend an eBook to others.
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All about rabbits, types of rabbits, rabbit care, feeding rabbits, rabbit health, rabbit cages, rabbit supplies, pet rabbit behavior, rabbit story, rabbit photos... and much more.
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