Exercise and Playtime!

by Quadskater

Let your rabbit out to exercise for as long and as often as you can. Rabbits nails are constantly growing so it is good to let your rabbit onto paving slabs or a patio. Rabbits love playing on grass too.

If you can, create tunnels and toys, out of cardboard boxes to give you rabbit something fun to do in the garden but also, if the hutch is big enough, something to do in the hutch!

Make sure plants that are dangerous such as rhubarb and ivy, are out of the way of the rabbit. Rabbits love to explore the garden!

Make sure you provide food and to substitute a water bottle, place a bowl of water out. Interact with your rabbit, and talk to it.

Find some shade in the garden, for if the weather is hot, as your rabbit may develop heatstroke.

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