My Tips about Rabbit.. My Mini Rex

by Mary

I am not inexpert but i did a lot of research on bunnies before getting one about a month, i spent hours researching different types of breeds from small to large ones...

1. Get a veterinarian
2. Before purchasing your bunny make sure his or her home is ready
3. Get the cage that is on the big size. Small or large bunnies need space to lay around walk around
4. Timothy hay very important along with veggies
5. Give your bunny lots of love attention, talk to it, play with it. Lets the bunny out of its cage for at least 3 to 4 hours.
6. Groom your bunny. Buy a cat brush or a brush especially for bunnies
7. Get lots of toys for your bunny .. they love to explore play .. or they will be very bored and have a temper
8. Change litter box everyday, keep the cage clean
9. Trim nails of your bunny
10. Never leave your bunny to roam alone, they chew on everything. Keep wires hidden
11. Love your bunny to pieces give attention
12. Don't leave your bunny outside in the sun

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