Should I Breed My Rabbit or Not?

by Kayleen

When wondering if you should breed your rabbits ask yourself these questions:

1) Is your rabbit cages clean? When your breeding rabbits you should use vinegar and water to clean their cages.

2) Are both your buck and doe healthy? You should always make sure neither of them have any diseases.

3) Do you have the proper equipment for when the babies are born? You will need a nesting box and much more.

Once you are sure you have clean cages healthy rabbits and the proper equipment you are ready to breed!

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Jun 04, 2013
by: Anonymous

I do NOT believe in breeding rabbits. No one should. There are arguments:

1. We need the rabbitry for our meat.
My point: NO! If you want meat, go with an animal that is made to live a happy, short life, like a cow.

2. We are trying to improve the breed.
My point: NO! This is just an excuse to breed rabbits. There are plenty of great quality rabbits in shelters. GO and adopt them!

3. We are showing rabbits, and need a good rabbit.
My point: I personally do not believe in taking rabbits on a 5+ minute drive to have children with sticky hands pet it for 30 minutes, then have someone prod and poke it for 5+ minutes, then have to suffer another loud (for them) car ride. It stresses them way out. But if you do, then there are plenty of show rabbits in shelters.


DO NOT BREED YOUR RABBITS!!! That's it. End of story. There are plenty of rabbits in shelters, and too many of them are going to end up dead. Rabbits are the 3rd most surrendered pet in the U.S.

May 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

Don't breed your rabbits just to have cute little babies. Shelters are full of abandoned rabbits. Most people don't realize the amount of care that goes into having a rabbit. Your rabbits will be healthier and live longer if they are spayed/neutered!!!

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