My Precious Rabbit

by Lauren
(Budang, South Korea, Asia)

Your should have pink ears (not red), should have NO scratch parts or any bug attached to it, not too fat or skinny. Be careful, after you walk your bun, you ALWAYS MUST check for mosquitoes, ants, spiders, and other harmful poisonous bugs!

Your rabbit should stay outside because they could live longer. Inside, would not be that good for your bun, because, the inside has not much of nature and bunnies can breathe better outside. Your bun has predators like, dogs, cats, racoons, snakes, and hawks may scare your bun and your bun will get stressed and die.

DON'T ever touch a bun whenever it's eating. Especially, when it sleeps. A bad sign would be either your bun diarrhea, pukes, drools, and hiss will be the meaning to go to the veterinarian.

Showering your rabbit:

1. Put about 2cm of water in your sink.
2. Put your bun in and get bunny shampoo.
3. Scrub it all over your bun, NOT IN THEIR EYES!!!
4. Now, rinse them with water, and get a towel.
5. wipe it, It should be wrapped by the towel.

TIP: You've gotta dry it really well so it doesn't get sick. Dry it with a hairdryer.

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