One-liners. Tips made quick.

by Emma
(London, UK)

Before you get your rabbit.

• research what foods are best for your rabbit.
• get a cage, plenty of hay, pellets, etc.

Choosing your rabbit.

• don't. Sit by the cage of rabbits, and wait for one to come to you.
• check the rabbit for bright clear eyes, clean dry nose, clean ears, and no obvious sign of fleas/mites. (skin will be very flaky if mites are present).

Brand new rabbit.

• leave it in it's cage for the first day spot can get to know it's very own surroundings.
• give your rabbit a name.
• sit by it's cage and quietly talk to it, using it's name as often as possible so it gets used to that and you.

Once you've had your rabbits few days.

• open it's cage door, and move away, allowing it to come out and explore in it's own time.
• once your rabbit has explored, hold your hand out toward your rabbit, allowing it to decide when to come to you.
• if you must pick your rabbit up, do so by placing you hands around it's chest and lifting like a baby, as this is less scary than grabbing it from above. Try to avoid picking it up altogether.
• clean it out at least once a week, and the litter tray every day.

Most important.

• have fun with your new friend!

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Apr 10, 2011
very helpful
by: i love my bunny

this is really useful and hady for first time owners i like "give it a name" line as well

Apr 14, 2010
Rabbit Chemistry
by: Hendy

What a useful tips in a short sentences.

"Sit by the cage of rabbits, and wait for one to come to you." I like this line. The idea is to find the one who have 'chemistry' with us, isn't it?

Let's have fun with our rabbits! :)

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