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Now you can post to this “Story about My Rabbit” page. Do you have a real-life story about pet rabbit, special relationship with your rabbit, or your other interesting rabbit related stories? You may submit your story here, and it may include your rabbit photos too.

Don’t have any idea to write your story? Start writing anyway! You may read my story (the author this site) as an example for you to kick off your idea. I believe you have an interesting story with your rabbit like mine, or event much more perhaps, like this…

Adopt a Bunny by Accident … Her Name is Spazzy 2 November 2009
So my brother calls me up one day and tells me he is moving back to Calgary, Alberta. And he wants me to take his bunny because... read full story

My First Day with My Rabbit 21October 2009
My rabbit is cotton, she is a New Zealand rabbit. We love to play hidden go seek, she just ween from its mama... read full story

Here Comes Santa Claus !!! 25 August 2009
Bugsy, a rabbit Santa Claus for all the rabbits out there. Actually, the outfit is a dogs costume, it was so cute, I bought the costume for her, to wear for Christmas that year... read full story

Bunny Balooza 5 August 2009
It was Easter when my bunny balooza story was just begun, and the one thing every girl wants is an Easter rabbit. I was one lucky enough to get one. The Saturday before Easter I was... read full story

Winston the Intolerable and Adorable 6 July 2009
I got Winston when he was a baby, and the person who I adopted him from said he was an older female. Imagine my surprise when this "older female" would... read full story

My Pet Rabbit Zoe 7 April 2009
I have a pet rabbit named Zoe. She is a Californian - New Zealand mix. She is 1 year old now. She is going to have babies (kits). Zoe has a big personality, she will do some tricks too… read full story

Still not convinced you can write a story? I hope not :) Well, if you much prefer to “show” your rabbits photos, it’s also fine. You can submit your rabbit photos here.

However, if you a good writer you may also write some tips about rabbit or pet rabbit and send to us. You can submit your rabbit tips here and we will publish them in this site.

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