My Pet Rabbit Zoe

I have a pet rabbit named Zoe. She is a Californian - New Zealand mix. She is 1 year old now. She is going to have babies (kits).

Zoe has a big personality, she will do some tricks too. When I say "up" and hold a treat above her head she will stand up on her hind legs. She also know “down”. She will also come when I call her.

And she loves bananas! But I don't give her very much because they can hurt a rabbit if given in large amounts. Zoe has a large outside run, it is almost like a outside dog run. She is a outside rabbit, and she has a wooden box she can get in to sleep, have her babies and when it rains.

She also has a big play log that I got at the pet store. She likes to chew on that. Zoe's favorite thing to do is eat, sleep and play with me. She has a couple of toys.

We got Zoe when she was 4 weeks old at a rabbit breeding farm in the Mountains. We love her dearly and hope to keep her a long time.

Alexis Dunn
Concord, USA
7 April 2009

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