Bunny Balooza

It was Easter when my bunny balooza story was just begun, and the one thing every girl wants is an Easter rabbit. I was one lucky enough to get one. The Saturday before Easter I was the proud owner of a baby Dutch bunny! I named the bunny Ziggy, and the people in the store told us it was a male.

A week later, my mom was concerned that the bunny would get lonely while I went to school, so she got me another bunny. I was really excited! Instead of one bunny, I got two! The newest addition to the family was a dorf black male rabbit, who had a big attitude for such a little guy, so he earned the name Buba.

One day, I noticed that Ziggy's belly had become rather swollen. Thinking Ziggy was sick, I told him over to my mother. After further inspection, my mom said the Ziggy wasn't a he, but a she!

After researching information about pregnant bunnies, I decided that I would just have to wait and see. Four months went by, and no babies. Then five, then six. I figured that she must not be pregnant, that she was just getting bigger.

Another month went by, and as I walked into my room to change their water, I noticed Ziggy had pulled out a lot of her hair. I looked closer and it appeared there where little squirming bugs inside the rabbit cage! Taking a pen, i poked around to see what it was exactly, and sure enough, Ziggy had had babies!

Out of six babies, three survived long enough to open their eyes. It just goes to show you, the best things in life happen when you don't expect them!

Brynn Appelman
Granite Bay, USA
5 August 2009

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