Brief History of Rabbits

History of rabbits as domestic animal started in Europe or Africa when European wild rabbit (Oryctolagus Cuniculus) domesticated for the first time. When actually rabbit began to be domesticated? Hmm.. tough question. Nobody knows for sure when it was, even rabbit experts could not say when it is exactly.

Hey, why Africa came into the picture, we’re talking about “European” wild rabbit? Simply it’s because their origin habitat was spread over Europe and North Africa, so there was possibility that the first happened in Africa instead of Europe :)

However, people believe it was in Champagne, French when Catholic monks bred European wild rabbit for the first time in 5th century. The breed known as Champagne de Argent, silver rabbit from Champagne (de Argent means “silver”).

In the 12th century rabbits were brought to England by the Normans. As industrial revolution emerged, European sailed over the world to find new continents. Among of them brought along rabbits migrated with them to Asia, Australia and America. And that’s the beginning of the story for domestic rabbits live their new life in new homes.

People believe all domestic rabbits around the world was originated only from European wild rabbit. No other wild rabbits have been domesticated. Maybe in the future there will be somebody who’s trying domesticate other wild rabbits and succeed. Who knows? :)

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