Rabbits Life Span

Now, let’s talk about rabbits life span!

Ok, rabbits are good looking pets, nice behavior too. But, when I have fallen in love with them, what about they only have short-lived? It will just unavailing for me. How long do rabbits can live?

Well, it depends on some aspects and conditions such as size and breed, health and living environment, indoors or outdoors, its cares and feedings, etc. In general, we may expect a healthy house rabbit that taken care properly to be around with us within 8 – 12 years. Quite long time for a pet; similar life span compare to dogs or cats.

It doesn’t unavailing to falling in love with them, does it? :)

Rabbits kept in hutches outdoors tend to have shorter life span than house rabbits. It may because less protected to weather conditions. Or, they may get bored and depressed because of isolation. As we know, rabbits are social animals that need to interact with other (rabbits or humans), and need some space to run and play around.

Wild rabbits suspected even have shorter life span due to nature conditions to deal with such as weather condition, food availability and predators threats.

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