What do Rabbits Eat?

When you think to adopt a rabbit you may ask yourself what do rabbits eat? You may think what to feed the rabbit to be able to survive and growing healthy.

As herbivore rabbits eat plants. Most common things to feed rabbits are carrot, veggies, grasses, fruits and beans. You may choose to feed them what are easy to get in your neighborhood as long as your rabbits can accept it. I use to feed my rabbits with carrot – this is one of their favorite – lettuce, spinach, fresh corn – this is also their favorite – corn husk, banana, banana leaf, and some other veggies.

Other than those fresh foods, I also feed them with rabbit pellet I buy in a pet shop. Rabbit pellet is specifically made for rabbits, which should be free from animal products and has different ingredients than other pellets for fish or poultry. It has good fragrance and doesn’t smell fishy.

Another rabbit food available in pet shops is rabbit hay. There are many choices of rabbit hay such as Oat hay and Timothy hay, which are dried grasses. There’s also dried plants such as Alfalfa hay.

Wheat bran, rice bran, oat bran and other kind of bran are also made good foods for rabbit, they rich of fiber. Beans like soybean, pea, almond, nuts rich of protein and give strength to rabbits.

Some people even try cereals, raisin, chips, breads, cookies and many other human foods to feed house rabbits. Sound weird? :) But, as long as it doesn’t contain animal products and your rabbit likes it, it should be ok.

Happy feeding !!!

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