What Plants do Rabbits Eat?

Rabbits are herbivore so basically rabbits eat plants. What plants do rabbits eat? Which parts of plants are those?

Rabbits live in the meadow may eat many kinds of grasses that grow there. Young grasses are the most favorite to rabbits, however if there is no other better choices then any kind of grass is also fine. Therefore, we may feed our pet rabbits with grasses from backyard. Or some dried grasses known as hays that we can buy in pet shops.

Most favorite food and maybe most popular known by human to feed rabbits is carrot. See the stereotype created by cartoon movie for rabbits, which they’re always described eat carrot? – As mice eat cheese? – Funny thing to see :) Although sometimes this is not really true but at least the perception is there.

In fact, it’s correct that carrot is one of favorite foods but not the most favorite to rabbits. They are seems more passionate to eat green leafy vegetables. You may try to give them a chunk of any vegetable, see how the rabbit response. If they like it we may feed them some more. Rabbits are picky if come to food, so you may try different kind of food. And, different breed may have different favorite too. Happy trying…! :)

Rabbits may also eat some fruits, green or dry leaves, certain flowers, legumes or beans. In case less food available in their environment, rabbits may eat dry twigs, soft barks, and even digging to get some roots.

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