Funny Bunny

by Jennifer Collins
(Marion, NC)

funny bunny

funny bunny

My Rabbit's name is Yayir pronounced ( YA-YEAR). I never thought about having a Bunny, but I was at the Flea Market one day and my daughter wanted to go look at this little baby bunny, and once I held him I couldn't let go!! So we took him home and he has been with us for over a year now!

My kids think I love him more than I love them, but that's not true! But he is my baby! I think everyone should have a bunny! lol.

But I hate when Easter comes, and people buy them for their kids, and the next month they don't want them anymore, that drives me crazy! If anything ever Happens to Yayir, I will have to get another one, because I couldn't imagine not having one!

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