Trixie the Bunny

by Jen

I recently owned a bunny for six years, his name was Bow or Beau as some people spell it. Anyway, one day i came home from a long day at school only to call Bow and he didn't come (he lived in the spare room). I thought he was hiding, but i soon found him in his hide out all stretched out like he was asleep only to discover that he had passed away. My mum said she only put him in there an hour ago and he seemed fine fresh air food water toys everything, maybe he was sick?

About a month later we went to the market to sell my brothers posters, i went to look at the pet asile to buy food for my dog mum came with me. When we were done she told me to go and look at a shop so i did.... I came back later on and saw mum holding a fawn coloured bunny with floppy ears! She was gourgeous! Mum said she was mine and she had done a great deal with the pet shop owner.

I named her Trixie and made her a cage. She settled in comfortabley. It has been 2 years now and i have trained Trixie to use the litter box, use the harness and jump over low obsticals. I love her to death and i hope she lives longer than Bow, although i miss Bow a lot i'm glad to have some more company.

Thanks for reading.
Jen xx

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