They'll Steal Your Heart

by Alvin Hogge
(Las Vegas, NV)

This spring one early morning I moved to my sliding back door. 15 feet straight out in my yard was a gift from God. A pretty brown and white Rex rabbit was chowing down on my plants. I slowly opened the door trying not to scare him. He turns and makes a rabbitline to my door coming in and making himself to home.

Soon I'm calling my friend Sara who only lives 7 blocks away. You've got to come to my house and see what I've got, I tell her. Trusting me but not knowing what I have she grabs her camera and drives over. By this time he's already letting me pet him and I have a bowl of water and some greens for him.

Sara is surprized and tells me a lot of people abandon their bunnies after a time. I'm thinking about trying to find his owners, she's not. Two hours later I have to take a friend to the airport by then we have a cage and have made a trip to the pet store for food and supplies. When I get back from the airport Sara has taken the rabbit and supplies to her house. I knew nothing about rabbits I only thought of them as wild animals. Was I ever wrong. What a waste of money buying the cage was. She names him Kimo after a former pet.

He's a house bunny and steals the hearts of most everyone he meets. He Flops, Binks, eats his rabbit pellets and treats. If you don't lock it he'll push a door open. If you open the door he'll help himself in the fridge. Kimo comes over when he wants petted. You can tell when he wants to be picked up as he crouches. Then he still struggles a little when you turn him around to lay on your chest for the serious two handed petting that he loves.

Sara is gone on a 20 days cruise so Kimo is at my house. For all the love and care I give him he repays me generously.

Pet Prayer: Treat me kindly, my beloved friend, for no heart in the entire world is more grateful than mine. Don't be angry with me for long. Please don't hurt me or scare me, after all you have your friends, your job, your entertainment, I ONLY HAVE YOU. Kimo.

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