The Story Of My Rabbits

by Anonymous

It was April foul's day when I got my first rabbit, she was so cute! Everyday she would be standing on her box, waiting for me to pet her.

But then 3 months later, she died from really hot sun. So the the next day we got another one, it was a French Lop. He's so cute like the last one.

First Rabbit: Shadow

Second: Whiskers

Shadow died in the morning when it was REALLY hot!

Whiskers - Still Living

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Sep 18, 2012
my bunny scrafy
by: lena

my bunny loves to play tag he loves it when you came out and play with him and when it is a hot day we put him in the house so he does not die.

Jul 12, 2010
wow short but cute
by: brianna

i love is very short and cute the only part that was bad was when you aid that shadow died :(but still i liked it:)

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