The story of a smart bunny

by Ashley
(Pleasanton, California)

I am 11 years old and I admit it, I wasn't the sweetest kid on the block. But I had a huge soft spot for animals, so when my mom got me a pet bunny, I immediately melted into a glob... of... radiation from.... my adorable black Satin rabbit.

In a few weeks I actually had better grades, cleaner room (which my mom was happy of), and a smile plastered on my face every time I saw the little puffball of total cuteness.

The only problem is that, that bunny has trouble spilling from its ears!

On time I was putting some food into Scuttle's (the bunny's name) food bowl. A black blurry object raced by and made me spill the whole thing and knock the cage door open. Next thing I know, Scuttle came strutting out like she had done nothing at all. She kept doing that to the spilled food bowl, my face was scrunched up into a scowl, watching her. Then she ate to her heart's content.(don't judge me for not putting her back into the cage, but there's a reason she's named Scuttle.)

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