Roger My Rabbit (as in Who Framed Roger Rabbit) and Hip Hop the T-REX RABBIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Reese Mouton, brother of Vanessa Mouton
(USA, Spanish Lake, MO 1023 Prigge Rd)

It was around my sister Vanessa's birthday when she wanted another rabbit after our other rabbit and our dad went on his computer to find one on Craig's list. He found Roger the rabbit he has reddish eyes, white soft fur, and he is not very active and will allow you to hold him easily unlike our other rabbit Hip Hop who is very active and alert. They are both boys and Hip Hop is the dominant rabbit of the cage.

We feed them one big meal a day in the morning of rabbit pellets through out the day we feed them vegetable scraps or some nice fresh lettuce and grapes and carrots.

Hip Hop my other rabbits features are, he is white with light brown spots and black brown eyes, he is very aggressive being a Rex rabbit and he can be funny how he flops down in his cage to sleep.

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