Quite a Pickle

by Mongo
(Hayward, CA.)

I had been feeding a "wild" rabbit that I named Jason. Jason was a female I found out later. The neighbors knew about Jason. Unfortunately after 6 mo. or so Jason left and didn't come back. She was full grown. So i prayed for the best.

Literally the day after the last time I saw Jason, a neighbor walks up with a tiny bunny in his arm and asked if it was my rabbit. I knew it wasn't. The rabbit struggled and he dropped it, looked at me and said well someone else's problem right? I pulled my car out thinking he'd grab her. When I returned home I saw her under the neighbor's van tire. My 17 yrs old got a hold of her and Pickle spent her first night in an old hermit crab aquarium.

The idiot dropping that little Pickle Weasel (her full name) in my driveway has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.

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