Please Read Sad Story of My Pet Bunny

by NN

My bunny looks out her room door

My bunny looks out her room door

One day my father asked me if I wanted to look at pets in the pet store. I told him if we can buy anything but he said no. So we went.

First I looked at pretty cool fish and asked the lady that works there questions. But my dad told me to come look at the bunnies. I came instantly. I looked at all the bunnies who stared at me sadly, trying to tell me to buy them. Then my eyes laid on one bunny. I didn't know if it was a boy or girl neither did the lady. The bunny was to small to find out. The bunny was in a corner, smelly, starving, while the big bunnies growled at her and didn't let her eat the hard alphabet food.

I asked the lady who works there if I could hold the bunny. So with a key, she opened the cage slowly. She taught me how to carry the bunny, the bunnies back feet on my arm, her front hands also on my arm and the other arm to block the bunny from falling. When it was my turn to hold her my hands sank into the bunnies long pretty fur. I would have rather slept on the bunny than my pillow.

I begged my father to buy the bunny but he refused and tried to trick me out of it. Then it was time to leave. We went in the car and then did my father had second thoughts. He called mom and told her if it was ok to buy a bunny. She agreed. I yelled with joy and ran back in the pet store. Another lady was thinking of buying the same bunny. But then she saw the sad look in my eyes and let us buy it. The bunny alone was $50 and the food and cage and everything like that was all about $170.

We took the bunny home and took care of her. We gave her lots of vegetables even at a young age because we didn't believe what the store keepers said ("always give the bunny hard food at a young age") and anyways, bunnies outside eat grass at a young age not hard food. We gave our bunny a bath and cute cloth and let her play outside. We also took her to the vet. The vet said it was a girl. That wasn't good because if girl bunnies didn't get married, they get cancer. And if you give them a special shot, there is a 99% chance of death.

Anyways, we played with her, loved her and gave her a name. Her name was Bunny, her nickname was Arnooby. I loved her more than cake ice cream and strawberries. I loved her more than dogs! And because no one in my class likes bunnies, and likes dogs more, I started hating dogs.

Then, after 8 months I was petting her to sleep and found a tic on her ear. I was soooooo shocked. I ran and let my mother take the tic off. The next day, I saw another tic on her. My mom yanked it out. It hurt Bunny. So my parents decided to sell her. They decided to put her inside of her cage locked, with some food and water, outside the pet store, until they found her. I thought of terrible effects though. What if a fox comes and eats her? What if she starves to death? What if the people who work there leave her? I started to cry right after that. And what if she won't be able to have vegetables but only hard alphabet food after that? I still don't know the answer. And I am typing all this with tears in my eyes. Bunny, will always be my little adorable bunny though.

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Aug 02, 2015
so sad.........
by: Hritika

I really feel sorry for u

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