by Jennifer
(Falls Church VA)

I love my rabbit Petra a lot. I love seeing her run up to the cage when I walk into a room and touching her soft fur.

I adopted Petra at the Spca in North Carolina six years ago. It took her a while to warm up to me and now Petra cant get enough of me. I cant get enough of her either. I know rabbits don't live that long and I need to enjoy the time I have with Petra now.

I think Petra is bored with her cage. I keep hearing her thump a million times at night. I am going to Petsmart today and I am going to look to see the rabbit cages they have for sale. If I don't see anything I like the I will look on line. I know they have a lot of rabbit cages to choose from and I will have a lot of choices. I want her to be a happy and healthy rabbit.

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