My story

by Kathryn
(Billings Montana)

Last night my cousins mom was picking her up. She was outside with the lights off until my cousin opened the lights. When she opened it her mom screamed, a rabbit was lying by our front door!

Then I thought about what might of happened to the poor thing and I think I knew what had happened. It had to be our cat it loves to eat rabbits. It's also really good at catching them, it brings them to our front door sometimes. But luckily it wasn't eating it. It was playing with it. It was biting its ear to carry it. It wasn't hungry.

After a while of looking at it, it moved! It was alive after all! Lots of people petted it then her mom thought about it, asked my cousin if she wanted to keep it. But if it won't eat they would have to let it go. She said you my grandma went and got a box to put it in and while she was doing that I was thinking if I should go with them.

I decided to go with them. When we were there her mom went and chopped some apples for it. Me and my cuz were looking and petting the rabbit. When her mom was done we tried to see if it would eat it. It wouldn't eat it! Oh no! But we kept it for a while, but after a while the rabbit was gone! Luckily we found it in the morning it was hiding and it was running fast Yay! Then we had to say goodbye then we let it go. It was running really fast on their lawn and the good thing is that they didn't have much rabbits near their neighborhood.

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