My Soon to be 6th Rabbit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Maya
(Red Lion)

Right now I have 5 rabbits. Their names are Paisley, Parker, Sky, Dakoda, and Max. Right now I have Max in a separate little pen out side because all of the other bunnies bite him. It got sooo bad he has a huge bald spot on his back and when they pick at it it bleeds a little ;( I fell sooo bad for the little guy he has no companion.

But today my mom might be taking me to pick out a new friend for Max. And I'm allowed because I'm using some of my birthday money!!!! THANKS MOM!!!!!

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Feb 16, 2012
Take your injuured bunny to VET . . ..

please take your bunny who was under attack from other rabbits...

he is injured.....he you must take him to the vet....

he need care....not the new companion may attack him too....

so first give me medical aid, then spend more time with him....

so he can get back in life.....some submissive bunnies are sensitive.....

Apr 10, 2011
by: i love my bunny

wow arnt you lucky the same thing happened to me today i begged and begged and eventually i was allowed a bunny ;) i had to pay with my birthday money as well but i dont care now i have a baby dwarf lop named chocolate <3

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