My Rabbit Smokey and the Funny Things He Does

by Siyrah Derreelah
(Salem, Oregon)

When smokey was a small bunny, he used to live inside with us. We were afraid that a cat would come and attack him. He didn't even have a cage. He did his business everywhere. One day, we put fish in the compose bucket to put outside. My mom found him inside the compost, eating the fish!!! I don't know if this was unhealthy for smokey, but he didn't die.

Almost 5 months later, my grandma came over. She stayed for a few weeks. My dad and his mom was upstairs on the roof, drinking coffee. By now, he was big enough to live up on the roof without being attacked. He went to my dad's coffee, and stuck his head inside. He starting drinking the coffee. My dad had to take it away from him.

On the same day, Smokey started to push around a big deflated basketball. This went on for about 10 minutes. We loved you Smokey.

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