My Perfect Bunny, Fluff

by Lily

When I was 7, I decided I wanted a bunny. Five months of heavy research later, I met Fluff. He was my brother's friend's sister's rabbit. She was in her teens, and not able to take close care of Fluff anymore. She let him stay with me for a while, and for my parents to see how we'll I took care of a bunny. Three months later, on Christmas Eve, my dad brought Fluff back to my brother's friend's sister. I was heartbroken. However, on Christmas morning, a large present with slits in it was in the dining room. I opened it. It was Fluff's cage, complete with a little bunny inside! Fluff was finally mine!

That was 6 years ago. Fluff is a happy, lively bunny at 7 years old. He loves celery, digging, and cuddling. He is best friends with my dog and cat, and both lick and chase him sometimes. He has a minor eye problem, with one of his tear ducts being too small. He has a runny eye now, and it's untreatable. But, it doesn't slow him down at all.

I don't know what type of bunny Fluff is. I'm guessing he has some Netherland Dwarf somewhere in his bloodline, as he only weighs 3 pounds, but I can't be sure.

I love Fluff so much. He's always been there for me, sniffing and hopping around in the cutest way imaginable. He truly is the perfect bunny.

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