My Little Rex Rabbit Hip-Hop

by Vanessa/Nessa
(MO St. Louis)

My name is Vanessa/Nessa and I am 8 years old and I wanna talk a little about my Rex rabbit Hip-Hop! He is very active unlike my other rabbit Roger. Hip-Hop is white with light brown spots, brown/black eyes AND HE GOT DIRTY FEET!

When I clean his cage i always find that he only goes #1 in the top right corner. He is always willing to come out of his black cage. He is such an active rabbit that he lives in a dog cage! I love him so much and if all of you people saw him, he'd make your eyes go really shiny! He will #1 on you if your too new to him. So might not wanna put him on your lap...I try to warn people about him doing it.

Like I said, there's another rabbit named Roger! When you put them together they start making a baby! But they're both boy rabbits so they WON'T BE HAVING ANY BABIES ANY TIME SOON! I guess they think they can still have a baby but we know that impossible right? YEAH! But he never learns from it and he never will learn that 2 boys can't have a baby...If i had a girl rabbit I think she's most likely be making a baby with the Rex rabbit Hip-Hop. My other rabbit Roger is always just sitting there staring at Hip-Hop, sometimes he looks like a statue because he's white! He is normally protected by Hip-Hop.(HIP HOP LIKES ROGER!) :)

I got my rabbit Hi-Hop when I was turning 6 and it was my birthday. My dad drove me to the pet store and paid for Hip-Hop. I took him home in a box and everyone was all on top of him crowding him! Jeese! Personal space! I bet that was what Hip-Hop was thinking at the time.

We watched some TV together and we watched some more, i noticed that when he watched TV he hop up and down like crazy and he can hop really high and so next week i'm taking Hip-Hop to a hop contest! I have an award shelf and we share it together though Hip-Hop doesn't like wearing metals.

I also have a Siberian husky named Shiva said like shieva and in french that's the goddess of ice and snow! I found out today that i'm getting into galactic so me and Hip-Hop and Roger and Shiva played dance dance revelotion. I can't spell sorry guys, but I really thought them how to play dance dance revelotion! They has a-lot of mess-ups though...My dad makes me keep ALL responsibility for my pets so i gotta buy all of they're things and toys. Luckily he has a old stand and so on the streets I can sell lemonade though my eyes hurt from the lemon juice. I use Hip-Hop and Roger to interest people on the streets and so i can get some tips.

When Hip-Hop dies I will have a funeral for him and say all of the pleasures we've done and before my birthday i got fat and spent all day on my computer playing this game called AnimalJam which you may like but I was always on the computer and i got fat and then my birthday came and a lost it and my mom said sweat is fat crying! XD It's great motivation! And that's how this story will end!

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