My Clever Rabbit

by Roselyn

When I got my rabbit I thought he only knows eating and looking for food in the garden, then 1 day as we are letting him out in the garden he went round and round to me which I thought he meant lets play so I stamped my feet and run and he chased me so that's the beginning of our usual play, either he chased me or run along with me.

Another thing my husband is giving him a stroke on the sofa set and before he go he is kissing him on his arms which we think he is saying thank you and he's off to go down. He also loves playing fox which means hide and seek and if I stop he will appear and then I pretend I'm a fox again and he's hiding and running again.

Surprisingly as well he always kissing so much now specially when I hug him or he is asking for a caress. As he grows older he's always doing some new things or trick. I think he thinks he's our baby too as he wants to be cradled and he sleeps deeply when I'm doing that to him, that's why we always miss him and treat him like a baby!

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Mar 02, 2012
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by: MyNameBunny

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