My Bunny Echo



My cousins got 3 baby rabbits, little (now they are really big!) speckled brown ones with white tales, Jessie, Lucy and Tooty. After I saw them I knew that I wanted a bunny!

My birthday was coming up and I knew that all I wanted was a bunny, but my dad said no =( But the day before my b-day we got in the car and then (Yay) we went to a rabbit farm! The man who owned it said there wasn't a lot of bunnies because Easter had just passed and everyone wanted bunnies then (that's when my cousins got them), but there was a a lot anyway!

Well I saw this tiny baby black bunny with a white tip on her nose and it was love at first sight. Even when my mom showed me this adorable gray and white lop I stuck with the black bunny, so we left with her. My sister thought of the name Echo and I liked it so that has been her name ever since.

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