My Baby Bunny Named Peanut

by Marissa
(Ocala, FL - US)

Hi, my name is Marissa and i'm ten years old and this is the time i decided i wanted a rabbit for a pet.

It was a late afternoon, and i was walking into Sparr hardware with my step mom. And i walk past this cage with about ten baby bunnies in it. My breath was taken away by the cuteness of the baby bunnies. If i knew anything at that moment, it was not to pressure anyone to get it for me things like that have to be taken very slowly. So i waited a few days and decided to ask my mom to get it for me. I needed to talk to someone about it first. I didn't know it was a mistake at first so i talked to my step mom about it she asked my dad if he could get it for me. I am still regretting it today.

But two weeks later, my step mom showed up at my front door with a pet supermarket pet carrier. When i opened it, i was sooo overjoyed! It was a brown and white baby bunny about the size of a newborn puppy. I was wondering why he was so small at first but my dad told me it was a dwarf rabbit which means it stays small. I decided to name him Peanut since he looked like one. I have had him for about a month now and he is as happy as can be!

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