How Did I Ever Get So Lucky? My Bunny Ginger...

by Sophia L.

When I was seven years old, I begged my parents for a Bunny. We have a lot of pet allergies in our family (dog, cat), but fortunately bunnies aren't on the list. Not as high on the list as many others, that is.

Anyway, one day we were visiting my grandparents. I was shocked to see that, in a large grey bin, there was a baby bunny. She was beautiful, the perfect mix of white and brown and black and grey. Her tiny ears perked up in the air and I fell completely in love. Even today, six years later, Ginger and I are still best friends.

I could not have gotten any luckier in the Bunny category. Ginger is the absolute sweetest thing. I sing to her, tell her everything, and snuggle with her. We cuddle in blankets on the couch while I stroke her fluffy head. She is SO soft and cuddly. I laugh as she hops around our living room, sniffing and standing on her back legs. She has a hutch inside and a hutch outside. She lets me kiss her a million times, and adores being pet. Ginger is truly a happy bunny. Every time I see her she's laying down, cozy as can be, or doing binkies or Bunny flops. Her little nose bobs up and down in the cutest way, and she is always gentle. As I'm writing this she is noisily chomping on hay.

Ginger is a blessing. She is my baby forever, and I can't imagine a life without her. I just wanted to share her with you. I hope that she brings you happiness. Thank you Ginger, for all the happiness you bring me. I love you Ginger, my baby Bunny girl.

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