Fluffy My Mini Rex

by Mary

5 years ago i got my first bunny, it was a mini rex. The best decision i ever made. I love bunnies so i did a lot of research before purchasing a bunny.

Fluffy was the best .. She was friendly loveable affectionate and funny .. Fluffy greeted me every morning .. she would go on her hind legs to get my attention .. She was always out of her cage..

Fluffy was easy to litter train. I never had a problem with her peeing everywhere she always went in her litter box and number two would be in her litter box sometimes on her fav blanket .. But no big deal.. I had my favourite blue blanket which fluffy took over and she would play on that for hours dig lay there play with her toys sleep on it that was hers.

Fluffy was a very happy mini rex i babied her though she would run around and do her little happy bunny dance. My mini rex was very cuddly, she would come up on the sofa with me lay on her blanckie and cuddle up next to me or lay on my tummy close to my chest, practically close to my neck and snuggle we would watch tv together.

I hashed for two years sadly she passed.. I am going to get another bunny .. i would love my mini rex but i am eying hotot, english spot, mini lops and polish .. it'll be a difficult decision for me but a lovely one.. I loooove bunnies great pets.

Oh yes my mini rex loved attention .. if i did not give it to her she would nudge me with her nose and she would run around in circles for a long time around my legs. The kids in my neighbourhood loved her .. Fluffy loved the attention .. My mini rex was red brown and very friendly calm i had no problems .. Can't wait to buy another bunny.

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