Bugsie The Bunny :3

by Seanna
(Las Vegas)

When i lived with my dad my mom got a rabbit, her name was Bugsie. She had white fur and brown spots with brown ears. She was a newborn when i didn't meet her, but i saw cute pictures of her as a baby! She looked bored most of the time, so i got her a lionhead rabbit called Buster. As months went by Bugsie had a litter of babies! Sadly 1 died because it only had 1 lung :'(

She took care of all the babies until they started eating veggies like parsley and baby carrots or lettuce. We had to give away the bunnies and Bugsie because there's too many D"x I only have Buster Now... v_v I'll miss you baby bunnies and Bugsie :(

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