Basic Rabbit Care

What are basic rabbit care required to provide basic needs and necessities for rabbits to live well? They are really simple pet to keep.

The most basic things required to keep them are at least we provide a shelter and feed them regularly. That’s it!

That’s it…? Yes, it is.

As basic needs, every living creature needs a shelter, food and water (for human plus clothing). I don’t think rabbits need a kind of clothing :) …unless for accessories or contest purpose, and that’s also not basic need.

If they are house rabbits then no need special hutch as a shelter. Our house is enough becoming their shelter. Maybe we can put a small container with hays in one of the corner for rabbits to sleep. Although an indoor cage is fine also.

However, if we leave them outdoor then an outdoor hutch is a must to protect them from extreme weather or predators. Otherwise, our rabbits will not around for long. By instinct rabbits often dig a burrow for shelter. But sometimes it’s not possible because there’s no open land in our yard, or the land is not deep enough. Also remember that they are pet rabbit not wild rabbit that may loosen their instinct for self protection.

Rabbits are herbivore so basically they eat mostly vegetables and some fruits. Stereotype of rabbit favorite food is carrot like we see in a cartoon movie :) We may also feed them with hays or rabbit pellets.

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