Alice and the Wild Ones

by Layci Mcfarland
(Hutto, Tx)

I once raised 6 wild baby Bunnies when I was younger after I found them during a storm. They were smaller than my hand, alone and cold in the rain covered by a bit of grass.

I waited hours by the window, waiting for the mother to get them as the storm raged on. I thought it was strange that they were there barely hidden by the clothes line in the backyard under a handful of grass. We had a garden and the backyard had a low electric fence to keep wild rabbits out. How the mother got them there is very puzzling.

Well as the water rose and the water began to rise around them. I knew I had to act fast or they were going to die. I rushed outside and scooped up the six baby rabbits into a soft towel. My mom although hated it, helped me get them the proper milk and bottles and whatnot.

They were wonderful but 3 died days later. Me and my mother raised them and once they were about 8 weeks old, my mother said they needed to be released back into the wild. We let them go in the fields behind our house and years after before my mom moved, she swore she would see them sometimes in the front yard.

2 weeks ago my pet rat Absythe passed away and I mourned over her greatly. After, my boyfriend surprised me with an adorable black 6 week old American rabbit! I got her a huge 2 level cage and all the fixin's :-)

She reminds me so much of those tiny wild rabbits and I'm very pleased to know that Alice the rabbit will never have to leave me and will be my wonderful rabbit girl for the rest of her days.

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